Problem gambling

Problem gambling doesn’t only result to financial losses. Harmful, irresponsible gambling can have a horrible effect on the social and financial situation of the gambler, their family and friends. According to some studies that examined recovering gamblers, their friends and family, problem gambling can really have bad social effects on the lives of many people.

Do you know that many gamblers were often exposed to the casinos and gambling at an early age? For instance, some of them collected betting proceeds for family members, or watched their elders place casino bets. This practice eventually lead them to gamble before 18.

Playing online casino games in Thailand can be done in responsibly, and in pure entertainment.
If you play too much, and lose a ton of money, that is the part where problems arise. Take note
that gambling addiction doesn’t only target the finances. Gamblers gamble in secret, distancing themselves from friends and family members in order to sustain their bad habits.

As their relationships deteriorate, their behavior worsens. Their problem only gets discovered once they can no longer maintain their double life.

With the help of technology, it becomes possible for bad gambling habits to be hidden or many years, before emotional and financial issues reach its breaking point. For several young people, technology worsens the effects of gambling. At this day and age, gambling apps and websites are very much accessible, not only from their desktop computers but also to tablets and smartphones.


Gambling is now regarded as a public health problem in any countries. While there are many gambling addiction treatment centers all over the world, the truth is, there is still very little help for those individuals affected by the grave results of too much gambling. Even the partners and family members of compulsive gamblers are in need of help.

In this case, we can also use technology to campaign for more help against the spread of problem gambling. We have still a long way to go, but soon, our small steps will lead to huge changes.