Holidays are always awesome, it comes once in a while and you get to rest and go for a vacay. A holiday is for chilling and spending time with your family, friends, your love once, and yourself. There are various kinds of holidays, especially in Malaysia. This probably means that Malaysia is a multi-racial country. So to give respect for other major races in Malaysia, holidays are given in order for the community to celebrate in peace and harmony. But what about the non-culture-related holidays? Like Halloween, and Valentines. It sure is a foreign culture holiday, but they are fun and have no restriction when it comes to celebrating. Some of these holidays are recognized by the whole world, even foreigners that use forex trading broker Indonesia are willing to spend their time and are dedicated to this holiday. There are several non-culture-related holidays and your favourite one describes you the most.


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New Year Eve

If you are a New Year’s Eve person, you are probably a part maniac, you love hanging around people and enjoy the party. You are the type of person that is excited for the new year, as in the new beginning. You are ready with all of your resolution and are on the get-go to archive your lists. You are motivated and ready to face the upcoming obstacles.


If you love valentines, you are a hopeless romantic person. The kind of person that cherishes cliches and dramas. You also might be excited to spend time with your loved ones, or if you single you are ready to binge-watch all of the romantic movies with chocolates as your date partner.

International Women’s Day

Someone who likes this day is most probably a feminist. You support women’s rights and you care and fight for your sisters. You respect all genders and are an equal person to all genders. 

April Fools

If you like April fools, that means you are a prankster. You love pulling pranks and tricks with people. You are funny and the class comedian. People always look up to you because you make others laugh and happy, without even trying sometimes.

Good Friday

Now if you love good Friday, it means you love to shop and get things on sale or at the best price. You are a shopaholic and yet you do consider spending money for things, and this is why you love good Friday because you can get the best things out of it. 

Mothers/Fathers Day

This probably means you are a parent that is excited to feel appreciated and recognized for all your hard work that you put in your kids and family. Or you just love your parents and want to show them love and gratitude to them.


If you like Easter, then you are a bunny person. You love colourful things, and you probably lots of colourful items. You like solving mysteries and puzzles. Very intellectual.


A Halloween person is either liking the horror and spooky stuff or you just love playing dress-up, either way, you are very sassy and confident with yourself. You don’t shy away and are very spontaneous.

Thanks, Giving 

Last but least, if you are someone that loves thanksgiving, you are probably a loving person and loves to spend time with your family. You can also be the person that just wants to eat their food. Either way, you are supportive and are ready to help your loved ones if they ever needed your help.

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