How important is web hosting? Well, without a web host, your website cannot be accessed online as it literally doesn’t exist in the online space.

It is important that you choose the right hosting provider as settling for a ‘bad’ one can lead to money wastage, negative SEO performance for your website negatively affects your online reputation, and it might even lead to online death or the slow (but sure) death of your website.

According to a survey, it was revealed that almost half a billion dollars are lost every year and one of the reasons why that is the case is that slow websites would often lower conversion rates by as much as 7%. That is why it is imperative to go for the right web hosting service if you want to achieve success in the online arena.

Choosing a Hosting Service

There are important factors to consider if you are thinking of getting a web hosting provider for your website. Below are just some of the most important considerations:

Foreign or Locally-owned?

The location of your web host’s servers is important because it can affect your website performance. You see, most web hosting providers today still use their own data centers to provide their services and although that was good a couple of years back, it is no longer the case in this day and age.

You see, the biggest limitation of local data centers is that speed is only great for people who live in the same country. How about your international audience? They might still be able to access your website, albeit much slower than your local fans.

This is an important thing to consider since you have to think if you want to cater to the local or the international crowd based on who your target audience is.

Server Uptime

Uptime is a measure of how long a web hosting provider’s servers are running before it goes down for some reason. Ideally, you’d want to settle with a company that promises at least 95% server uptime to give you that assurance that your website can be accessed most of the time.


This talks about website speed and overall performance. You see, how fast a user can access your website is influenced by two things: The media content that is found on your website and the performance of your web host’s servers. The latter takes the bulk of the load though.

In a Google report published not too long ago, high website bounce rates typically lead to poor SEO performance and one thing that can lead to that is waiting for the website to load. That is why a slow-loading website is a huge no-no if you want to gain the best possible SEO performance and drive more traffic to your website.


People would usually settle for the most affordable provider they can find. Although companies would always push their prices to be the cheapest on the market, basing your decision solely on price is a double-edged sword. You could save a lot of money upfront, but are you really saving money in the long run?

Cost is a huge consideration, but do not make it the sole determinant in your decision in choosing a web hosting solution for your website.