We think about that the plan and execution of organizations should consider the contemplations of each case, breaking down the requirements, recognizing the limit of every territory and the connection levels accomplished. What’s more, there are three targets to be sought after while executing these arrangements: secure information , improve on the way to the Internet and advance an adaptable work style.

Regarding the first point, it is important to mention that in the face of external threats that can cause theft or loss of data, a good preventive measure is to make simplified backups. Different incidents in the storage systems of any organization can partially or totally paralyze the activity and reduce the productivity of a company. In this sense, having a disaster recovery plan is essential so that your business can resume its operations in the event of a natural disaster or an unfortunate action caused by people. Check this out for the best results!

In addition, constant Internet access is as important to a business as what it offers. In the world we live in, staying connected means keeping up with news and getting closer to customers to offer the best service or product. The design and implementation of networks must ensure the security of data browsing online to improve the performance of workers, promoting a flexible work culture.

Internet Connection

Network design and implementation: the importance of a secure connection

Secure Internet connections support your privacy when sending data and one of the simplest procedures to navigate with this peace of mind is the use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates. This protocol guarantees that the information only reaches the server that is sent by establishing a certified connection between the provider and the recipient of the communication.

These practices are highly used in online banking as well as in eCommerce. The procedure is very simple since the information exchanged is encrypted through a key based on a random algorithm, so that said data is only understandable to the recipient.

How do you know when it is a secure connection?

The web pages that comply with this protocol have the characteristic of having the acronym https in the address bar of the browser, instead of the commonly used http . This option is highly recommended in case of working with personal data or unknown wireless networks; taking the same care when it comes to confidential information that we wish to protect.