The 7 Elements of Beautiful Event Design

Event design is all about transforming a simple place into something inspiring and beautiful. Guests should want to be there to have fun. It’s not only about looking nice, but bringing your brand to life. Below are the 7 core elements of design that you should know.

1. Space

Space serves as the very foundation of your event’s design. The starting block that you need to meticulously work with. Understand its dimensions and features. Know where the bathrooms and kitchens are. Know where the guests will exit and enter. Efficient space planning sustains the equilibrium that guides guests on an amazing journey through space.

2. Lines

For an event location to be visually pleasing, the event design must have the correct combination of dynamic lines, horizontal and vertical. Lines are made by the architecture of space as well as the furnishings.

Remember that lines are crucial to the proportions of your event location. Check the natural lines of your location. Strive to complement them using other interesting matters.

3. Forms

Forms are close relative of lines. There are specific shapes created by the outlines of any 3D object in space, like structures, furnishing and furniture. They help in balancing space, and adding character and drama. Several spaces include a combination of spaces that create a great look on your design.

4. Light

A simple lighting trick can change the overall vibe of your location. It can influence the lines that reflect in a room, no matter how big or small. You have the chance to direct the focus to various areas in a space. Remember that atmosphere and mood is influenced highly by lighting strategy. For instance, it is possible to mix form and light with LED furniture such as podium tables and bars. Company event planners always make use of that technique.

5. Color

Colors can define and change the mood and tone of an event. Choose a color with your attendees in mind. What shades do you think would inspire them? If you are staging a decadent night occasion, you might want to use gold and other metallic colors to set the perfect scene. Make sure to incorporate these colors to other event elements such as printed materials and venue decorations. Just don’t go overboard—colors must serve only as an accent to a space.

6. Texture

All of us are sensory creatures, so it is crucial to engage with your guests’ sense of touch. Don’t forget to address texture in your event designs. It plays a vital role in how individuals engage physically with the occasion.

Do you want to have a rubber floor, and a fluffy wall? What about ice statues? Consider how all of these materials will look and feel. In choosing event decorations, you need to aim for a cool combination of manmade and original.

7. Pattern

Fill your event with interesting and engaging patterns. Just like texture, patterns can stir the interest of more people. Combine nice patterns with captivating colors. Those two, combined with remarkable texture, can influence each other and contribute to a successful event. Are you thinking of incorporating zebra patterns? Just make sure to include them in a less dominating approach.