Much of the time, men just care about growing the penis’ length, but not the size or thickness of the body part, since the breadth is what counts. Some males resort to taking penis supplements to help grow that certain body part of theirs. However, there are some workouts that can make the penis larger. Penis strengthening techniques have been in operation in many countries for several decades in order to improve both the duration and girth of the penis.

These workouts will enlarge the penis and relax the tissue and skin at the base. If you believe you should manage it for a little more duration and girth, then follow these workouts to produce enduring results. Using a warm towel, place it around your penis until you start exercising, to avoid injury and maintain your grip secure. Do not exercise if you feel discomfort at some stage while exercising.


Edging is defined as you masturbating before reaching the point of ejaculation or climax. Therefore, you’re required to try and maintain the ejaculation as long as possible. The prolonged erection would cause the penis to draw more blood, and the nutrients contained in the blood can help the penis expand. Edging is a perfect activity for improving sexual endurance. It also helps to avoid premature ejaculation.

Begin masturbating the penis by caressing the root. Going up steadily while stopping penis starting. Penis movement to full erection. Then avoid stroking and keep the ejaculation until you hit the threshold of ejaculation. Let the impulse to eventually ejaculate, and start caressing again. That you should do as many times as you can.


Stretching is an important practice to raise the duration of the penis, but improved girth is often helpful. Learn not to overdo it as it may trigger discomfort.

Keep the penis base using one hand, and with the other, push back the glans. Now step in the opposite direction of your cock. You can be spread around your anus. Keep for 10 seconds, then let go. Stretch and carry the penis upwards, forward, right and left. Practice this five minute routine twice a day.


Jelqing is another excellent activity intended to improve penis girth. If the penis is slightly hard and not completely erect, you can do jelqing. This exercise may enhance blood supply in your penis, and will expand penis girth and weight.

Start by caressing your penis, and keep it with the ‘Good’ grip until it is partly erect. Your grasp can place a tiny strain on your penis. Now raise the shaft steadily up, increasing the pressure before you hit the glans. Repeat for about 10 minutes. Run a few months of this activity to see if there’s any effect.


This is one of the simplest and most successful workouts to improve penis girth – just don’t overdo it.

You would keep the penis completely erect for these activities. Keep your penis base now by creating a ‘OK’ grasp, where you bring your index finger and thumb together. Squeeze various sections of the penis around the shaft with the left hand. Start from the floor, then steadily climb up. Stop until the glans come near you. The strain brought on by the rubbing will stretch the tissue. It’s advisable to do this workout twice a day for five minutes.