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13 Dec 2018
How Cognitive Biases Can Affect Your SEO Campaign

How Cognitive Biases Can Affect Your SEO Campaign

Let me start by asking you a question, “How sure are you that your current SEO campaign works as well as you had hoped?” You might tell me that it does work with absolute certainty. But you know what, sometimes our minds can play tricks on us.

Cognitive Biases are the systemic pattern of deviation from the norm in judgment. In other words, it is the way in we create our own subjective reality and we do not believe in things other than our own thinking.

Some cognitive biases that typically affect people who run SEO campaigns are:

  • Salience- This is a cognitive bias where your focus is fixated on something that is more prominent than other variables. In other words, you’re going to filter out the ones that you think are non-important, even though reality dictates otherwise.
  • Confirmation Bias- This is where you only listen to or see evidence that your underlying assumptions are correct and you dismiss anything that says otherwise.
  • The Bandwagon Effect- We are herd creatures in that we follow where the vast majority of people go. If one person tells you that your SEO campaign works, you will believe so even if it was only one person that said it.
  • Complacency- This is where you just stagnate because you are complacent after hearing positive news about your SEO campaign. You do not change things up even though there is a chance to improve your performance and get higher ROI.
  • Resistance- This is where you convince yourself that your SEO strategy works for just about any client. You’re resistant to any change probably because you are afraid of change or you are afraid of the possibility that you’re going to fail.

Despite these cognitive biases being common, you can always do something about it, or at least, somewhat improve the way you think. Here are some tips:

  • Challenge Yourself

One of the reasons why the scientific method works is that you always do things that will challenge your beliefs; that you could possibly be wrong with your current SEO implementation.

Look for possible evidence that your assumptions might be incorrect. If there are none, then that just means that your SEO campaign does work.

  • Change is Constant

And so, too, should your SEO campaign. Think about it, there is always something that you can improve upon, especially in terms of search engine optimization.

  • Get Different Opinions

Usually, when you work on SEO, you work with a team of talented individuals as well. And, you must understand that all of us are fallible; that we are also prone to mistakes.

If you absolutely think that there’s nothing wrong with your current SEO implementation, then you might want to ask some of your colleagues if they think so too. Getting another person’s perspective will broaden the way you think.


Each and every one of us is susceptible to one or more of these cognitive biases. But, the good thing is that we can always do something about it.

05 Dec 2018
Knowing How The Muscles Age

Knowing How The Muscles Age

Detecting on the age of your muscle

The loss of muscles with age can begin at early 30s, and influences a huge extent of the elderly specifically on the decreasing number of cells such as stem cells. Luckily, exercise can battle muscle maturing, likely by turning around an age-related physiological changes at the foundation of this decline.

Knowing How The Muscles Age

Muscle stem cells:

It diminish in number as we age. The human cells DNA methylation -especially the elder ones stifles the declaration of a few genes.


Muscles that create anomalies in mitochondrial morphology.


Some old muscles might experiencing the bring down dimensions of autophagy. With lower protein, this can result in an unevenness of proteins connected to muscle maturing.

Blood-borne factors:

Knowing How The Muscles Age

It can be discharged into the blood specifically or through discharged vesicles, and travel through the circulatory systems to arrange muscle physiology. For instance, apelin, helps the arrangement of new mitochondria, invigorates protein union and autophagy, and underpins the capacity of muscle stem cells.


A stationary way of life can initiate sub-atomic procedures of muscle maturing, for example, diminishes in the effectiveness and number of mitochondria. Exercise increments autophagy levels and reestablishes dimensions of myokines associated with muscle work.

22 Nov 2018

An Overview of Casino Superstitions


Card sharks are known as the absolute most superstitious individuals on earth, however, where did their list of customs begin? While pundits blame speculators who swear by their rabbit’s feet or customs as taking part in particular memory misfortune, painstakingly sifting through the events on which their knickknacks have disappointed them, a portion of these superstitions have a shockingly strong establishing in the normal idea. Tragically, the equivalent can be said for every one of them.


A few charms and customs can be viewed as misfortune and ought to be evaded by every superstitious player. Here is a rundown of the best four activities, customs, and charms thought about forbidden in casinos such as Live22 malaysia:

1. Thirteen and Four

While 13 is the most broadly unfortunate number in western culture, because of the thirteenth messenger s featuring job as a Biblical traitor, things get somewhat more swarmed on the off chance that you accept other societies superstitions.

In China, 4 is the unluckiest number, since it a near homophone of the word for death in Chinese. Any notice of books around the table will be very unwelcome for a comparable reason – it sounds excessively like lose It snot all negative, however, as eight sounds like flourishing making it a more secure wager for superstitious players.

2. Folding Your Legs

You may cross your fingers for good fortunes, however, fold your legs while putting down a wager and you re believed to be crossing out your good fortunes. Even more motivation to sit up straight and keep your feet on the ground.

3. Tallying Your Money at the Table

As Kenny Rogers broadly sang in The Gambler quot there’ll be time enough to check, when the managing finished & quot. This is another superstition that has somewhat more establishing in sensible conduct; tallying your cash before the amusement is finished, or even quickly thereafter, is genuinely viewed as in amazingly terrible taste.

Not exclusively is it somewhat cold-hearted to your kindred players, it likewise falls in accordance with the more extensive superstition that pride precedes a fall. Hold up until the point that you re well outside the casino, in a perfect world the distance home, before totting up your night’s profit – that way, will probably keep hold of them.

4. Singing and Whistling

In spite of the melodic references in this article (and the numerous others that could’ve been incorporated), you won’t be expressed gratitude toward for serenading your kindred players. Some say singing or shrieking at the table rankles the gambling divine beings, others simply believe it irritating. In any case, things being what they are, gambling and melodic numbers are not supposed to be wedged in together.

Good Luck

Speculators have for quite some time been known for their four-leaf clovers, ceremonies, and convictions. Here is a rundown of three of the most well known four-leaf clovers and ceremonies from around the globe:

1. Blowing on Dice

In 1955 Guys and Dolls, Marlon Brando begs the notorious Lady Luck not to "meander everywhere throughout the room and blow on some other person's shakers". After sixty years, the conviction that blowing on your shakers brings good fortunes has turned out to be ingrained to the point that its normal to witness it in a family session of Monopoly, yet not at all like most superstitions, it may have a premise in reasonableness.

Its been proposed that specific deceitful card sharks would coat one side of their shakers in a sticky substance that could be actuated by dampness. Blowing on the bones previously rolling was an approach to guarantee that each pass on would arrive as required. Given the high danger of the bones sticking to trash or different protests on the table, it was never a colossally famous cheat, so dont rush to blame a cutting-edge speculator who blows on his shakers for luckiness. He most likely simply superstitious.

2. Donning Red

While numerous card sharks have fortunate garments (2005 World Series Poker sprinter up Steve Dannenmann wore a similar shirt and top each day of the seven-day competition), this fashion superstition has somewhat more lifespan behind it. Red is a gigantically critical shading in China, speaking to, in addition to other things, riches, fortunes, and happiness.

This makes it a repetitive topic at weddings, utilized for everything from the lady of the hours dress to the envelopes of cash gave out, however, has, obviously, additionally been eagerly embraced by card sharks. Some trust that the red thing must be gotten as a blessing, not purchased, so it might be an ideal opportunity to begin dropping a couple of clues to yourfriends and family.

3. Four leaf clovers

Downgraded to an interesting expression in many circles, the fortunate rabbits foot is as yet treasured in gambling circles. They re not all that simple to gather, however: the little print directs that your rabbit more likely than not been caught or slaughtered in a graveyard. On the off chance that that sounds excessively specialty, lucky charms and horseshoes are likewise famous, while numerous speculators have an individual rabbit's foot that they convey to the table. 10-time WSOP bracelet champ Johnny Chan broadly conveys an orange to each poker amusement he plays. At first, this filled in as a deodorizer at tables swathed in tobacco smoke; today, it's unadulterated superstition.

14 Nov 2018


At the point when an entrepreneur signs on with an advanced promoting office, it’s normally a result of one of three reasons:

  • They need assistance in developing their business
  • They require a more strong web nearness and come up short on the in-house assets
  • They require a decent SEO company to settle every one of the slip-ups their past SEO office made

That last reason is the one that should concern you the most in light of the fact that it’s entirely normal. Right now, there are several organizations simply like yours that picked the wrong computerized advertising office—and they’re quite recently getting the bits of a harmed web nearness.

Regardless of whether you’re simply beginning computerized advertising or you’re searching for another advanced showcasing office on the grounds that yours sucks, there are five mix-ups you ought to stay away from no matter what:

  • Falling for gleaming bundling
  • Falling for “mystery sauce” pitches that appear to be unrealistic
  • Choosing modest advanced promoting
  • Choosing a nearby company particularly on the grounds that they’re local
  • Not doing your exploration

I guarantee you’ll have a vastly improved affair—and much better outcomes—in the event that you discard those five propensities and pick a dependable SEO company.

Top 5 Mistakes Companies Make When Hiring a Digital Marketing/SEO Agency based on social media marketing services.


This is a major one and one that is extremely simple to fall for. You ought to have learned not to pass judgment on a book by its cover back in primary school, so uncover those aptitudes and put your basic reasoning cap on. The hypothesis is, if a computerized advertising organization makes these wonderful, innovative showcasing pitches for you, you will get the equivalent for your clients.

Website design enhancement organizations that drop a considerable measure of money into their own business introductions, for the most part, spend less time and exertion on their genuine customers. Consider it—each company has limited assets, so how they apportion their financial plan says a great deal in regards to their needs.

What number of their workers are in deals versus customer services? For instance, 95 percent of Blue Corona’s staff is given to customer services. In the event that I was you, I’d pick the company with a multitude of specialists rather than a multitude of salespeople.

Presently, it’s typical to get blinded by glossy things. In any case, when you see these glossy promoting introductions, investigate—what’s the substance saying? Is it brimming with language? Is it thin? It is safe to say that you are being tricked into a terrible choice by smoke and mirrors?


Piggybacking off of the primary error, the second mix-up additionally includes a great deal of smoke and mirrors. On the off chance that you end up inclining toward a computerized advertising organization that gloats about their “mystery sauce” or “exclusive SEO strategies,” run. Try not to walk. Try not to stroll. Keep running as quickly and as far away as you can.

Here’s the reason: There is no “mystery sauce” of SEO. The SEO procedure is very much archived and surely knew by a large number of specialists over the globe. The main distinction between an effective battle and one that flops is procedure and execution.

Throughout everyday life, if something appears to be unrealistic, it normally is.

In advanced advertising, on the off chance that it appears to be unrealistic, it ALWAYS is. Try not to get sold on void guarantees—search for an SEO company with a demonstrated reputation of results that issue.


With computerized showcasing, you get what you pay for. End of story.

Most modest SEO services utilize dark cap procedures like paid connections, modest substance, and watchword stuffed advancements. Google has gotten on to most dark cap methods and you have a higher possibility of being punished than prevailing with these strategies.

In the event that you’ve begun to look all starry eyed at an advanced promoting company you can’t manage, inquire as to whether they’ll do counseling so you’re in any event getting the master guidance.


You needn’t bother with a neighborhood advanced showcasing company. Regardless of what anybody lets you know, a great SEO office ought to have the capacity to rule your nearby market regardless of where they are found. The excellent thing about the web is that it very well may be gotten to from anyplace, which implies you aren’t constrained to nearby SEO organizations.

The facts demonstrate that there’s nothing very like eye to eye communication, so we organize face to face gatherings and put resources into flying our record administrators out to our customers all the time. Discover an SEO company that thinks enough about your business to come to YOU.

That being stated, don’t sign on with an outside SEO company except if your objective market is in that nation. You can purchase greatly shabby computerized promoting services from snap homesteads and “Search engine optimization offices” abroad, yet this will harm you significantly more than help you. Regardless of whether it’s a genuine advanced showcasing company, there are such a large number of social subtleties that should be culminated all together for the dialect and tone to sound bona fide.


Picking the best outcome when you Google “best computerized promoting organization in [city]” isn’t a successful method to pick a web-based showcasing accomplice. A standout amongst the most critical advances you should take is to do your exploration.

Take a gander at a company’s contextual investigations. Converse with their present customers. Read their audits. Read their blog. Does their dialect vibe with you? Do their customers help you to remember your company? Do they have recorded outcomes like the ones you need?

There is nothing more regrettable than marking on with an SEO office just to need to switch a year later. It’s muddled, it can harm your web nearness, and it removes time from maintaining your business.

Great Questions to Ask an SEO Company Before Signing On

Before you sign on with any advanced showcasing organization, make these inquiries:

  1. What process will you use to achieve our objectives, and for what reason do you utilize that procedure?
  2. What is your revealing and correspondence process?
  3. What do you do when things aren’t working?
  4. Are you an affirmed Google accomplice?
  5. What’s your procedure for building connections and expert?
  6. Can you demonstrate me composing, site, and promotion models?
  7. What measurements do you provide details regarding?
  8. What level of control will we have over our site?
  9. Can you scale these outcomes as my business develops?
  10. What experience do you have working with my industry?
  11. Have you at any point had a customer with my correct issues?
  12. Who will deal with my record and will’s identity executing the work?
  13. What will the initial 90 days of work incorporate?
  14. Can you redo my services for what I require most?
  15. How do you go well beyond for your customers?
08 Nov 2018

The 7 Elements of Beautiful Event Design

Event design is all about transforming a simple place into something inspiring and beautiful. Guests should want to be there to have fun. It’s not only about looking nice, but bringing your brand to life. Below are the 7 core elements of design that you should know.

1. Space

Space serves as the very foundation of your event’s design. The starting block that you need to meticulously work with. Understand its dimensions and features. Know where the bathrooms and kitchens are. Know where the guests will exit and enter. Efficient space planning sustains the equilibrium that guides guests on an amazing journey through space.

2. Lines

For an event location to be visually pleasing, the event design must have the correct combination of dynamic lines, horizontal and vertical. Lines are made by the architecture of space as well as the furnishings.

Remember that lines are crucial to the proportions of your event location. Check the natural lines of your location. Strive to complement them using other interesting matters.

3. Forms

Forms are close relative of lines. There are specific shapes created by the outlines of any 3D object in space, like structures, furnishing and furniture. They help in balancing space, and adding character and drama. Several spaces include a combination of spaces that create a great look on your design.

4. Light

A simple lighting trick can change the overall vibe of your location. It can influence the lines that reflect in a room, no matter how big or small. You have the chance to direct the focus to various areas in a space. Remember that atmosphere and mood is influenced highly by lighting strategy. For instance, it is possible to mix form and light with LED furniture such as podium tables and bars. Company event planners always make use of that technique.

5. Color

Colors can define and change the mood and tone of an event. Choose a color with your attendees in mind. What shades do you think would inspire them? If you are staging a decadent night occasion, you might want to use gold and other metallic colors to set the perfect scene. Make sure to incorporate these colors to other event elements such as printed materials and venue decorations. Just don’t go overboard—colors must serve only as an accent to a space.

6. Texture

All of us are sensory creatures, so it is crucial to engage with your guests’ sense of touch. Don’t forget to address texture in your event designs. It plays a vital role in how individuals engage physically with the occasion.

Do you want to have a rubber floor, and a fluffy wall? What about ice statues? Consider how all of these materials will look and feel. In choosing event decorations, you need to aim for a cool combination of manmade and original.

7. Pattern

Fill your event with interesting and engaging patterns. Just like texture, patterns can stir the interest of more people. Combine nice patterns with captivating colors. Those two, combined with remarkable texture, can influence each other and contribute to a successful event. Are you thinking of incorporating zebra patterns? Just make sure to include them in a less dominating approach.

16 Oct 2018

Keeping Your Home Poker Game Legal and Safe

How to Keep Your Home Poker Game Night Safe and Legal

Do you love playing poker and other card games at home compared going to casino and play at the 918kiss? If yes, then you should make sure that your home card games are perfectly safe and legal. This is a basic rule, though various people still put their games at risk from robbers and cops.

What is the first thing you should do regarding this? Just researc h on local laws. See to it that you are complying with everything. You can browse PokerDIY and HomePokerGames for some gambling laws and write ups in several places.

1. Just Keep the Stakes Small

What is the average buy-in of a small stake game? Below $100. Keep poker games at home fun and cheap! Robbers and cops will never be interested in these types of games. Also, if you keep your stakes low, there is a lesser probability of feud and hurt feelings between the players.

2. Play in Safe Places

Be very meticulous in choosing a location for your poker game nights. Choose a crime-free location, complete with a neighborhood watch and great police presence. If something goes wrong, you can easily contact the authorities.

3. Give the Money, In Case You are Robbed

We wouldn’t want this to happen. However, just in case you are robbed, just give them all the cash. Money is just money—you can earn them again. If you are armed, and has a license to carry a gun, use it only to defend yourself and your friends.

4. Don’t Accept Any Money

This is the most important thing you should be concerned about. If you time charge, take a rake, or accept cash to run games in whatever way, then it’s understood that you’re operating illegally. Never operate outside the law.

5. Know All of Your Players

Poker game nights at home are intimate bonding moment, usually with friends or relatives. Of course, make sure that you know every person who is playing within your premises. Make sure that this gathering is by “invite only”—no friends of friends and friends are allowed. Be with people you completely trust.

6. Make Sure to Cut the Cards

If you don’t cut cards, any person will know that the bottom card is already on the top deck, once dealt. When you cut cards, you are not protecting yourself from the mechanics. You are protecting yourself from all the amateurs who loves taking advantage.

7. Make Use of Chips, Not Cash

Use chips during the game, not cash. If there is no cash on the tables, any outsider can’t guess the number of stakes which are being played. There is no risk of robbery, prison or any other danger.

16 Oct 2018

5 Useful Tips to Help Enhance the Android Development Process


Google’s popular mobile operating system, Android, is enjoying the biggest piece of the pie. In fact, it is taking over 80% of the total market share, beating Apple in every conceivable way. And because of this success, many  developers app are looking to create applications for the specific platform. But, how are you going to make sure that your app stands out above the rest? Well, here are some useful tips to help enhance your Android App Development

1. It is Best to Know Your Audience

When you are a sports shoemaker, who do you usually cater to? Most likely you create shoes that are used primarily by athletes and sports-minded individuals, right? That is also the mindset a developer should have. If you’re going to create an application, which audience are you going to serve? Do you want to entertain people? Do you want to create a game that people can enjoy? Or do you want to help people be more productive? Knowing your target audience is the first step in the process. After knowing who you’re going to cater to in the end, do the necessary research to find out what features they want in your app.

2. Keep Ease of Use in Mind

There are so many app developers that focus on other aspects of the creation process, only to overlook one simple yet important factor: Usability. People install apps that are easy to use. In the early days of the Android operating system, most apps try to be so adventurous and they incorporate a lot of design elements and features, hoping that people will love what they offered. But, that is not the case. People want an easy to use app that probably has a small feature set, but the ones that are included are useful for them. So never overlook the usability of your application.

3. Speed Your App Up

Never forget to optimize your application. You want an app that loads up pretty quickly and that users will not have to wait a long time just to use it. You can add images, videos, or animations in it, but make sure they’re well optimized for speed.


4. Keep All Devices in Mind

You don’t want your app to be fragmented in a way that only a few groups of people can really enjoy it. What I mean is that your app needs to cater to all of the Android devices in the market. You see, there are a lot of mobile phone manufacturers out there that use the operating system and each phone has a different screen size and resolution. It is important that you create an app that will ultimately be enjoyed by the crowd. That means optimal viewing pleasure and with great features to match as well.

5. Be Wary When Using Ads

One way to monetize your app is to implement some ads in it. You can have people download your product for free and you can just rely on the in-app advertisements for revenue. However, be wary of overusing those ads as people do not want to see a convoluted interface filled with things that they do not like. Certain ads are notorious for filling out the entire screen, so be sure to implement ads sparingly.

08 Oct 2018

Breast Implants

Should You Undergo a Breast Augmentation Procedure?

Are you considering breast implants for a more confident you? If you are determined to try this procedure, ask a reputable plastic surgeon about all the possible options. Several doctors will offer you a vast range of breast implant choices.

Have you found the clinic and surgeon that can provide you with thorough communication and consultation process?

If you want to know the most basic details about breast implant approach, read on.

Is breast augmentation the right procedure for you?

Before finalizing your decision, you need to have a comprehensive consultation first with an experienced doctor in a reputable clinic. This is a crucial process for all women considering this surgery.

Your plastic surgeon should be thorough and honest all throughout the consultation. He or she should spend lots of time educating you on all the possible options. What do you think is the best size that will work best for your goals and needs? You should remember that increasing your breast’s volume is not just about size enhancement, it is also about projection and proportion improvements.

All your questions and concerns should be addressed in the initial consultation.

You and your surgeon should be able to end up with an option that can enhance your distinct anatomy and fulfill your goals.

What are the different types of breast implants?

Silicone shells and saline breast implants are filled with sterile saltwater. They are transferred straight from IV solution bags. Both of these breast implants are approved by the FDA, meaning they have been comprehensively researched and tested for the safety of all patients.

Silicone gel breast implants, on the other hand, are filled with a more natural-feeling gel. They are less prone to rippling, and are perfect choices for thin women.

In general, silicone gel will look and feel more natural. Saline implants, however, require a smaller incision, and are far less expensive.

Many clinics offer smooth and round breast implants in both saline based and silicone gel types.

Plenty of women of different breast types typically have a distinct shape that can be enhanced by breast implants.

Revisions and Upgrades of Breast Implants

Sometimes, women who already had breast augmentation procedures would want to alter the results of their previous surgery. Other would want to further “upgrade” it.

Revisional breast surgeries are often done to exchange silicone gel for saline implants, or vice versa. Others would also want to shift from a bigger implant to a smaller one, address complications and dissatisfaction, or remove the breast implants altogether.

What’s important is you have a comprehensively trained and dedicated breast surgeon who can work towards your best interest. He or she should be able to perform a breast revision procedure that can help you achieve your goals with a natural-looking, beautiful outcome.

Please note that at present, there are 3 companies that are manufacturing breast implants for use in the United States. They are Mentor, Allergan (Natrelle) and Sientra. These are all brilliant, reputable companies.

Are you ready for your breast augmentation consultation? Feel free to schedule an appointment now with an experienced professional.

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