Are you a hardcore gambler? If so, how many times have you won in the games? Whether it is online sportsbook malaysia or physical casinos you are playing at, you can’t deny that the possibility to win a game is very low. Casinos are pure mass financial slaughterhouses built to make fools out of people and take away their hard-earned money by making use of all schemes devious or not possible.


In this social media day and age, some people also take their insanity to new heights by sharing their casino addictions mainly through vlogs on YouTube , Vimeo, and other websites. Many of these sad, misguided souls get their heights not only from playing the slot machines, but also from the number of visitors and they think they’re famous when they play. This is only giving casinos better free publicity for their brand. So, here are the things that you don’t know about Casinos.


  • Casino’s marketing trick that you don’t know

Anyone who’s spent time at a casino knows they ‘re built to make sure you ‘re losing track of the time and probably losing money too. There are no windows or clocks. Two in the morning is almost the same thing as two in the evening. Some casinos have gone to extreme, sexy, measures to keep you and gambling in there. Don’t be fooled by the so-called free food and drink offers you might get. Those have the same purpose. You sat at a blackjack table, you lost $200 and they gave you a $20 buffet. That is actually a good return on investment.


  • Some games are far more of a ripoff than others-even by the standards of casinos.


It is common knowledge that in the favor of the player, just about every game you can find in a casino is tilted. Some games are worse than others. A lot of those games are designed to prevent the player from winning. That is why players need to know that they need to stay away from those games.


The top of the list is so-called “carnival games,” which are table games other than traditional casino fare such as blackjack, craps, and baccarat. “Three-card poker, Let it Ride, Caribbean Stud. All of these games have high house advantages where the casino has a strong edge. Because of the bigger payouts, people like these games: they get paid 9-to-1, 8-to-1, 250-to-1.


  • Some games are better games


Tourists should play games that they have better chances at, says Derk Boss, a licensed private investigator from Nevada and an authority on security monitoring at casinos. He refers to standard blackjack. For example, you will have the house advantages with being a professional player or learning the game ,” he says. He likes video poker, as well.This is a game where you can learn tactics. It doesn’t guarantee you’ll win, but it does give you a much better chance. It is going to reduce the benefit of the house and put it in your favor a little bit more.


  • They are watching you if you win big


You can bet on it. Whether you’re hitting a big jackpot, or going on a big hot streak, you’ve got your eyes on health. If someone wins a lot of money, Casinos still check them out. Perhaps, they won’t know it. Say a guy at a blackjack game wins $100,000. They would just like to make sure it’s legal, he didn’t steal, he didn’t count cards or anything like that. Besides that, security will be evaluated by the player. They will check his or her video play for signs of cheating or counting cards. They’ll then test the player out as they have a database of bad guys out there and what sort of scams they are pulling.

  • Dealers would rather you bet your tips for them.


It’s a simple bit of courtesy on the casino, so tip your dealers. Dealers pay minimum wages, or can earn a little more than minimum wages in some cases. A fee for a dealer is just tips. Notwithstanding the standard casino policy, most dealers would prefer that players actually put the tip up as a bet instead of giving them a chip or two as a tip. When a player asks you if you want to bet on it, or if you want to just take the money, you can just take the point. Some of us want to bet it, because you’re likely to double your earnings.


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