Set Up The Mood

Most guys will forget whatever is going on and what they are doing before that during sex because of tunnel-vision. Women appear to be aware of the surroundings and the tasks need to do after sex and will destory their own satisfaction during sex. Take the time to remove the clutter, change the towels, take up the laundry and normally clean the living area when you welcome her to the bedroom. It would also turn her on even more if you have carefully set up the room with aromatic candles, flowers on beds and even music playing in the background. You can even take male supplements pills to satisfy your partner.

Undress Slowly

If you like foreplaying ladies, note that it’s much more seductive and thrilling to take the time to strip the fabric layers away. Yeah, if you want to have your eyes all over your body, it can be difficult to keep pace. However she would enjoy the excitement and the care you offer her body in cycle by removing one piece of clothing at a time. Cut off her top and touch her back and neck. Slowly tie her trousers and lick or touch her legs and thighs. Drop your bra and enjoy your breasts. You know where the rest of it goes.

Start Somewhere Else

Do you eat dessert before even starting the dinner? Of course not right? Then it would be logical that the clitoris and G-spot are important points and you should avoid making it the first part of your foreplay. The point of foreplay before sex is about making her feel excited and ready to go while enjoying maximum satisfaction. Going right into the main course is wrong because it is not even fully activated yes thus disabling the peak satisfaction of sex.

Ask Questions

Your goal is to awaken the pleasure, but only ask if you fail to pin down what you want. Many women like straightforward questions; it shows that you want to know her as she wants to be, and that can be an all-out turn-around. Don’t ask childish or logic questions. Think of them or use the idea that you need advice to inject some naughty words. Even if your lover in the room is a little timid, it can be amazingly hot for you both to see what she wants to do without having to respond directly. Then you get the feedback you ‘re asking for suggestions for foreplay. Nonetheless, both of you will get the rewards.