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01 Nov 2019

How to Fly with Baby

Give yourself a lot of time.

Everything takes longer with an infant close behind, and going with
your little one offers a lot of a minute ago astonishments (a poopy diaper rash, let out all over
you and infant, and so forth.), so be certain you prepare and leave with a lot of time for the air

Pack light.

You needn’t bother with an overstuffed diaper pack – it’s one all the more
overwhelming thing to bring through the air terminal.
Except if you’re going on a particularly long flight, expedite one convey for the both of you, and
put in just Baby’s necessities: diapers, wipes, a difference in garments (in the event of a
mishap), a Binky, kiddie aprons/burp fabrics, bottles, and a couple of toys.

Wear your child.

It’s simpler to move through the air terminal with Baby in a bearer or a sling
than to in a buggy.
The buggy can be an agony to open and close at security registration, and you’ll in all
probability need to process it with your gear in any case.

Dress easily.

Both you and Baby ought to wear garments that will assist you with unwinding
during the flight.
Planes can get truly nippy, so make certain to bring along an additional sweater or cover for the

Feed during take-off and landing.

It will help pop your infant’s ears during the height changes.
Yet, in the event that he’s dozing during these occasions, you don’t have to wake him up.
Load up first and deplane last. You’ll have a superior possibility of getting help from the lodge

Request help.

The carrier orderlies ought to gladly support you, from warming up restrains to
setting the bathroom evolving table.
All things considered, they don’t need a cantankerous infant on the flight anything else than
you do, so it bodes well that they’ll help you when they can.

Try not to stress.

Regardless of whether your infant has an emergency on the plane, don’t
oddity out.
Odds are that there are many guardians on board who have experienced a similar situation.
Split a joke, give them a grin, and understand that this flight won’t keep going forever.

03 Oct 2019

Useful Tips to Help You Choose the Best Baby Carrier According to a Pediatrician

One of the many essential things that you have to your baby is a stroller. It is a convenient thing to have, especially if you are going to have a leisurely stroll with your infant.

That being said, a stroller can be bulky and there are times that it is not the best choice. Fortunately, you can opt for a baby carrier for more ease and convenience.
So, when do you actually transition to using a baby carrier as opposed to a stroller? Well, if you just want a hands-free way to bring your baby with you, then a carrier would be more suitable in that situation.

Furthermore, using a carrier will allow you to become more mobile than a stroller, simply because there are places where the stroller cannot go to.

How to Properly Wear a Baby Carrier?

When you are choosing a baby carrier, make sure that your baby’s thighs are well-supported. You also want to look for one that doesn’t put your baby in a too forward position. Their chin should be off their chest while they are on the carrier.

There are many different types of carriers out there and you have to try them out so that you will know exactly how easy (or difficult) it would be to put your baby in or out of the carrier.

How to Choose the Right Baby Carrier?

This is the part where I will discuss the most common baby carriers that you can find on the market. Let’s start with the most basic.

Ring Sling Baby Carrier

As the name implies, a ring sling baby carrier is a long piece of fabric that can be adjusted in height by using its rings. It typically uses two rings for that, but there are some that have varied designs and construction.

This is a pretty basic carrier and one that parents can easily use. Just put the baby in the carrier and adjust the fit accordingly by using the rings.

When you opt for this one, make sure that you buy one from a reputable manufacturer since a poorly constructed ring sling carrier may have its straps slip through the rings.

Baby Carrier Wraps

This is considered to be the most common baby carrier out there. That is because you can put your baby in multiple positions like the front-facing or the hip and frog position.

You can find one that makes use of different fabrics and materials and it is up to you which one you prefer for your baby.

Buckle Baby Carrier

The buckle baby carrier is one of those carriers that look like a small backpack where you can put your baby in it safely and securely. This is the ideal carrier for parents who want to trek long distances and want a more robust carrier for their baby.

It uses two straps that you can put over your shoulder and your baby can easily slide into the appropriate section and be secured with some more straps. Even though it is quite sturdy in its construction, this also happens to be the most expensive one you can get.

11 Sep 2019

The Best Baby Gear You Should Buy

1.Best Cloth Baby Diaper

Product: bumGenius Freetime Cloth Baby Diapers

Yes, it’s true that many parents still love using cloth as diapers. They are plenty of baby diaper brands in Malaysia, but for them, cloth is still the best and most economical. It comes in many shapes, styles and sizes. Your choice would depend on the kind of versatility and functionality you want. This specific product is a top-rated cloth diaper that has waterproof cover, attached absorbent pads and soft inner liner.

2.The Best Baby Milk Bottle

Product: Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Milk Bottles

This specific baby milk bottle imitates the breastfeeding experience like no other. It is a bit more expensive compared to other options in the market. However, you are sure to be getting a quality product with a squeezable, flexible body and anti-colic venting. It also has a stylish, modern look.

3.The Best Baby Carrier

Product: LILLEBaby Baby Carrier

There is no doubt that this is a brilliant baby carrier. This is one of the most highly recommended baby gears around, and is loved by many mothers around. It is breathable, with lots of pockets. LILLEBaby’s baby carrier can compete with other leading brands on the market, such as Ergo and Baby Bjorn.

4.The Best Baby Car Seat

Product: Britax B-Safe 35 Ultra Infant Baby Car Seat

Britax manufactures some of the safest baby car seats in the market. Every year, this product passes tons of tests with flying colors, because of its styling, durability, versatility, safety features, and overall superior quality.

5.The Best Convertible Car Seat

Product: Britax Advocate ClickTight ARB

The Britax Advocate impresses many parents because of its superior quality, convenience and safety features. If you are looking for versatile adjustments, easy installation process and high level of comfort, this car seat is for your little one.

04 Sep 2019

Everything You Need to Know About Child Fever

As parents, we always want the best for our child. Using a baby thermometer only for you to find out that your baby might be having a high fever usually causes panic, especially to first-time parents.

But, fever is actually a normal bodily process. It just tells you that their immune system is working as intended. You see, we are constantly bombarded with foreign bodies that may cause harm inside our internal systems.

Our immune system usually takes care of them and one way for them to ward off any invading pathogen is to increase the body’s temperature. That is the reason why your baby is experiencing a fever.

Of course, there are other causes that are still considered normal as well, such as when your baby is teething, if they are experiencing a growth spurt, among a host of other things. In this article, I will go over some information about child fever that you should know about.

What is Fever?

Our body’s internal thermostat is regulated by a part of the brain known as the hypothalamus. It is the one that sends signals to the different parts of the body to help regulate our internal temperature. The normal human temperature is 37C or 98.6 F and it may increase depending on the time of day, as well as the activities that your child is doing such as play and exercise.

During the day, our internal temperature is usually lower and it may increase during the night. Again, it also depends on the physical exertion level of your children as it can also contribute to an increase in their body temperature as well.

As mentioned earlier, the body increases its temperature as a means to kill off invading pathogens that may cause harm inside our bodies. By increasing the body’s temperature, it may not suitable for these bacteria or viruses to proliferate, thus killing them in the process.

What Causes It?

So, what exactly causes high fever? Well, that can be due to a variety of different things, including:

  • Infection- By increasing the body’s temperature, it can help kill off any infection that is looming to run its course
  • Immunizations- Babies who’ve just had their vaccinations may experience a fever shortly after. This is just a normal response and should not be a cause for concern
  • Overdressing- If you are in a predominantly cold environment, a higher temperature might be a way for your body to keep warm. However, fever due to overdressing may occur and may require medical attention if everything goes out of hand
  • Teething- When your baby begins to grow their teeth, it may cause a sudden increase in body temperature. Again, this is not a cause for concern and it is quite normal.

When Should You Call the Doctor?

Other than the things that I’ve mentioned so far, you should only call the doctor when:

  • If your baby is three months old or under and has a fever of at least 38C, then you need to notify their doctor as it may be caused by an infection
  • For babies 3 months and above that has a rectal temperature of 39C or higher, consult with their doctor to find out what needs to be done.
  • If your baby doesn’t seem to be in the mood to play, is not eating well, is not at all smiling at you, or is exhibiting things that are ‘off’, then you may need to consult with their pediatrician as well.
20 Aug 2019

Baby Care : Car Seat Guidelines

0 – 1 Year Old

Your little one must ride in the rear-facing car seat at all times. There are many kinds of rear-facing seats, while those infant-only car seats can only be utilized rear-facing. 3-in-1 and convertible car seats usually have more weight and height limits for rear-facing positions, allowing parents to keep the kid rear-facing for a much longer time.

1 to 3 Years Old

Keep your kid rear-facing for the longest time possible. This is the most effective way to keep her safe. The kid must remain in the rear-facing car seat until she reaches the top weight or height limit allowed by the car seat manufacturer. Once the kid outgrows this, then she is ready to travel with a forward-facing car seat with a sturdy harness.

4 to 7 Years Old

Are you looking for a new car seat and baby carrier in Malaysia? Make sure to choose the best car seat available for your child. You need to choose a quality forward-facing car seat that comes with a harness until she reaches the maximum weight and height limit allowed by the car seat manufacturer. Once she outgrows this, it’s time to shift to a booster seat at back.

8 to 12 Years Old

Your little one must remain in the booster seat until she is large enough to fit in a seat belt. The seat belt should lie snugly across her upper thighs, not in the stomach. Just remember that she must ride at the back seat at all times because it is safer there.

11 Jun 2019

Five Tips for On-Budget Baby Shopping

Despite the fact that you may understand that a child is a valuable thing, when you hold yours in your arms you begin to fathom what ‘valuable’ truly implies. We would do anything for them and with regards to purchasing, we’d purchase whatever there might be accessible.
There are a huge number of items for children and regularly mothers-to-be feel that they have to purchase a considerable lot of those so as to start child rearing with the correct foot. When you are on restricted spending this may make superfluous nervousness and stress. If so, you should remember well that whatever you purchase for your infant, it is you she needs before anything. Costly things won’t compensate for adoration, care, and consideration.
Moreover, realize that your infant will develop continuously. It is futile to purchase an excessive number of things for her, for garments will get little in a matter of moments, toys will be outdated before she can have any noteworthy experience of those thus will frill. Here are a few hints to child shopping:

1. Apparel

Expendable diapers and baby clothes have changed the universe of child care. This implies the changing rate for garments need not be excessively high. Likewise, recollect that children are not dolls. You might be enticed to make them look like grown-up miniatures or play cuties, yet the need ought to be to dress them serenely.
So pick close to five infant sets before your child is conceived and purchase new just if/when required. Pick agreeable materials fit for the season and you’ll be a great idea to go.
The opportunity will come when you youngster will request a particular sort of garments. It is a smart thought to set aside your cash for that day.

2. Bed

Your infant will invest a large portion of her energy in her bed, 16 to 14 hours amid the principal year of her life. Picking the correct bed is significant.
Since you are on a spending limit, maintain a strategic distance from dens. Dens are just utilized in the absolute first long stretches of life and become futile when the child starts to move. Purchase a bed rather, where you can put your child to rest for a more extended time.

Now and again a movement bed might be a superior decision thinking about that it has no bars where the child can stick her head into or blast it. It is more affordable, the child can play unreservedly and securely inside, it is conservative and you can move it around the room.
Since they might be effectively stuffed you can take it along any place you go making your child feel dependably at home. Besides, many travel beds join their own den should you truly need one. You might need to purchase a little sleeping cushion in the measure of your bunk in the event that it turns into a perpetual arrangement, however not very thick for soon the child will most likely stand and may really drop out.

3. Stroller

They come in all hues and shapes, regularly with numerous extras. The decision of a carriage is extremely close to home and it relies upon your way of life, propensities, home, surroundings and so on.
The main role of child carriages is to empower you to take out your infant without conveying her constantly. However you may utilize it at home too, to enable your child to nod off, to move her around the house or have her close you securely while you do your things.
Do, in this way, pick a light and smaller model that takes little space, that you can conduct yourself and overlap when fundamental. Some light and conservative carriage models are fit for babies so on the off chance that you pick the correct one, it might be with you and your child for quite a while.

4. Child transporter

In the event that you truly wish to burn through cash on something different, think about purchasing an infant bearer. To me, it is much more significant than child screens or different contraptions.

It is incredible to have the option to hold your infant all the time close to your heart and still have your hands free. You can continue doing your typical house-continuing, shopping or different exercises without thinking back and agonizing over how your child is getting along meanwhile.Keeping her close you and conversing with her, is a characteristic instructing process that will help in your infant’s improvement. Then again, your child will love being with you consistently.

5. Toys

Try not to spend your cash on toys and costly embellishments. Your infant won’t value them and as she grows a huge number of toys will just confound her. So as to take into consideration the solid advancement of your infant, she should be in contact with differing hues, shapes, materials, and textures.
In the principal months of her life, any sheltered article is an encounter to her so don’t hurry into muddled and costly toys. Take as much time as is needed to know your child and get one toy at any given moment so she can have an appropriate involvement with it. Pick toys intended for her age and perceive how she collaborates. You will realize when is the minute to purchase the following toy.

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