Basic Casino Rules

If your expectation of casinos are people wearing tuxedos or suits, then you are wrong. Even though online casinos now exist, some people still prefer to go to traditional casinos . When these people go there, what type of clothes do they usually wear? Just a plain casual and perhaps a comfy sportswear. However, you will pretty much see every type of clothes from T-shirts, jeans and even nightwear. If you are unfamiliar with going to a traditional casino and want to try after having fun online, here’s a basic casino rules for what you ought to expect at the casino.

Alcoholic Beverages

It can be said that most of the casinos give free beverages to players. However in a few countries, it is actually illegal to offer free alcoholic beverages to casino customers, so casinos will often charge for alcohol but occasionally give free soft drinks to customers and players. Anyhow, it’s always an appropriate thing to tip the server, not too much but not too little.

Game Rules

Be sure that you are familiar with the games requirements at any casino games before you sit down. On slots or video poker, the value is either on the machine’s glass or on a video screen. At table games, each table often has a rectangular sign showing minimum and maximum bets. Usually the signs have specific color to relate it with the casino chips — a white sign usually indicates the minimum bet of 1$, $5 minimum is a red sign, $25 minimum is green sign, $100 minimum is a black sign. It is something agreed with most casinos that $1 chips are white, $5 chips are red, $25 chips are green, and $100 chips are black. Nevertheless, not every casino has the same indicators so make sure you know which is which before sitting down to play.

Getting Chips

You can change any currency for the specific casino chips at the playing tables. Place your money on the table layout and tell the dealer for a ‘change’. The dealer will then exchange you the corresponding amount in chips and move your money into a locked box.

Getting Cash

When you are satisfied, access to cash at the tables is restricted even to the dealer. To convert your chips to cash, you have to search for a casino cashier’s booth. If you’ve got a lot of smaller chips and need to make it into bigger chips to make it easier to hold them, tell the dealer to “color up.” He or she will then give you bigger chips if the smaller chips amount are sufficient.