Google’s popular mobile operating system, Android, is enjoying the biggest piece of the pie. In fact, it is taking over 80% of the total market share, beating Apple in every conceivable way. And because of this success, many  developers app are looking to create applications for the specific platform. But, how are you going to make sure that your app stands out above the rest? Well, here are some useful tips to help enhance your Android App Development

1. It is Best to Know Your Audience

When you are a sports shoemaker, who do you usually cater to? Most likely you create shoes that are used primarily by athletes and sports-minded individuals, right? That is also the mindset a developer should have. If you’re going to create an application, which audience are you going to serve? Do you want to entertain people? Do you want to create a game that people can enjoy? Or do you want to help people be more productive? Knowing your target audience is the first step in the process. After knowing who you’re going to cater to in the end, do the necessary research to find out what features they want in your app.

2. Keep Ease of Use in Mind

There are so many app developers that focus on other aspects of the creation process, only to overlook one simple yet important factor: Usability. People install apps that are easy to use. In the early days of the Android operating system, most apps try to be so adventurous and they incorporate a lot of design elements and features, hoping that people will love what they offered. But, that is not the case. People want an easy to use app that probably has a small feature set, but the ones that are included are useful for them. So never overlook the usability of your application.

3. Speed Your App Up

Never forget to optimize your application. You want an app that loads up pretty quickly and that users will not have to wait a long time just to use it. You can add images, videos, or animations in it, but make sure they’re well optimized for speed.


4. Keep All Devices in Mind

You don’t want your app to be fragmented in a way that only a few groups of people can really enjoy it. What I mean is that your app needs to cater to all of the Android devices in the market. You see, there are a lot of mobile phone manufacturers out there that use the operating system and each phone has a different screen size and resolution. It is important that you create an app that will ultimately be enjoyed by the crowd. That means optimal viewing pleasure and with great features to match as well.

5. Be Wary When Using Ads

One way to monetize your app is to implement some ads in it. You can have people download your product for free and you can just rely on the in-app advertisements for revenue. However, be wary of overusing those ads as people do not want to see a convoluted interface filled with things that they do not like. Certain ads are notorious for filling out the entire screen, so be sure to implement ads sparingly.