Think of your domain name as your own brand. That is because when people want to access your website, they would have to type in your domain name followed by its appropriate website extension.

Now, some people have the knack of coming up with really unique domain names on the fly, but for some people, not so much. Today, I am going to be giving you some great tips to help you choose the right domain name that stands out.

Before getting started, it should go without saying that you need to get a good web hosting provider to ensure that there will be no problems on the frontend and backend aspects of your webpage.Anyway, without further ado, here are the tips:

Create One that is Easy to Remember

Your domain name should always be something unique, but it should also be quite easy to remember as well. Let’s dissect Facebook as an example.
The name is definitely quite unique since you cannot find that specific word on any dictionary, but it still uses two terms (Face and Book) that are meshed together to form one unique brand.
You can do the same thing by mashing two terms together to form your domain name, but make sure that it is easy for people to remember it.

Make One Using Keywords

This presupposes that you know some knowledge about search engine optimization, but if you do not know what this is, SEO is basically a set of strategies that aims to help your website rank higher than others.

That being said, one of the hallmarks of SEO is the use of keywords. Keywords, in this context, are essentially just search terms that people use when they conduct a search using the different search engines like Google, Bing, and many others.

Therefore, using keywords on your domain name just makes sense and will probably be the best for you, especially since your domain name is part of SEO in and of itself.Make Sure That Your Domain Name is Not Registered to Others

The reason why you want to register your domain name as soon as you can come up with one is so that no other entity is allowed to use that particular name for their websites.

However, before even considering registering your website, it is important that you conduct a thorough search first to find out if your domain name is not registered yet.

That is because it is possible that you will be given a cease and desist order from the owner of the domain name you are using if there happens to be one. Although this scenario is unlikely, it is possible.

Use the Right Extension

A website extension is a word that directly follows your domain name. Some of the most popular ones include,, and, among many others.

It is good for SEO if you use the extension since most people are familiar with this than any other possible extension out there.

Acquire an Existing Domain

There are actually expired domains that you can acquire for yourself and for your website. Conduct a Google search or go to Flippa Domains to find some.